Thursday, December 11, 2008


I like my boobs (a little less lately as they are shrinking)
Nevertheless...I like my boobs.........
I like them when I dress up, i like them in the shower, I like them in a bikini top,
I absolutely love them when I am on top and my man has to breathe them in.........

BUT....there is a almost everything in this world...........

I wish when I am running I could put them in my back pack
when I am swimming I wish I could gently set them on the edge of the pool
When I lift the stretcher at work and some mans feet make contact, I wish i would have binded them flat.

They slow you done when running, I am so very conscious of the jiggle
Intentional jiggles are okay (you know, with your man) But I wonder how much faster I could swim or run without them

I do realize if this is my biggest worry I am damn lucky..........

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