Monday, June 22, 2009

Stomach feels flat
back muscles tight
I feel pretty good.

I put my scale in the garage
not much separation anxiety.

I will run my first 10 km July 19
I will finish even if I have to crawl
my left foot goes numb at the 5km mark, wonder what will happen at the 10 km.

Off to the pool, then strength training at 5:30.........

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pic is at my daughters grade 7 overnight camp out
My ab muscles are killing me....on ab day they swell after exercise, but the next they feel tight and strong.....

Tonight is boot camp...another killer...I thought my legs were in shape....apparently I had been missing numerous muscles that the work out makes me painfully aware of......

The scale is a bitch.....I know I am putting on muscle and its heavier than fat, but the anxiety is awful when it reads *fat*.............

A co worker and I registered for a 10 km in will be my first....I am comfortable with the 5km, and barely sweat so its time to challenge myself and make things harder.

My stroke in the pool feels strong......I love the feeling of gliding through the water....nothing in the world beats that.......

Soon my daughter will start summer holidays....I love it when a child can kick back and enjoy.....she loves tennis so I must make time to go and hit the ball with her.
She also loves to read (just like her mother) so I need to renew our library cards
and make sure she has access to all the books in the world.......

I am truly blessed and grateful for this life I have been given

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Canada winter and Spring are Night and Day...........
see my little car...I drove the required mini van for years (raising kids)
now I drive a little dinkie car, and I love it.

Boot Camp

It starts tonight...BOOT CAMP...
I am so hoping to learn some new stuff.
I need a change up in my routine so bad.

I have deemed June ab month...
I will do 5 ab exercises everyday for the month of June....

So now we have Swimming Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Boot camp Tuesday, and Thursday
Abs everyday
Try to get three 5km runs in a week.

I think it will be tough, but very rewarding.