Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This summer
This summer I will run more
I will enter a 10 k run

This summer I will swim more
I will swim with my daughter

This summer we will lay by the lake
Every chance we get

This summer I will stay up late
I will make it last

This summer I wont be anal about my lawn
This summer my child will cut it

This summer I will breathe more
I will breathe the scent of my flowering tree

this summer I will work less
I will enjoy my holidays

This summer I will come out of the gym
I will run in the fresh air

This summer I will be smoke free
I am always quiting

This summer I will start to drink
I havent drank In one full year

this summer I will go to the fringe
I missed it last year

This summer I will buy a new bikini
My cup size is way smaller

this summer I hope to get out of this God foresaken town

1 comment:

bookofsecret7 said...

I am 27 and dang 28 in march...gosh i am feeling I love your post today, it brighten my day!!