Monday, January 12, 2009

Everything is calm right now.
I feel blue, but I am sure its due to the curse we women face once a month.......
I am eating. I only purged once this past week. I am doing well.
I felt slow and sloppy swimming today. I am not sure what that's about.

tired and blue................

tomorrow I am back on call which is good....perhaps I am bored.....
being at work makes the minutes tick by faster........
I hate winter.....
Its so damn cold
I want to put shorts and sandals on again
I need the fresh pure green of spring
I feel as though I am in a frozen wasteland
The temperature has been close to 30 below lately and I am sick to death of it.
On the bright side the days are slowly getting longer.
The dark is not a conduit to happy, fresh, energetic feelings.
January and February are dead months in canada.
Next year I will see about a holiday around this time, maybe visit my Dad in Mexico.
Anything but this cold.

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MelissaS said...

i have the "curse" as well. it is blue. i hate, hate, hate the dark and the cold. i'm going to arizona and am truly scoping out the area. i don't want to be here in gloomy new jersey forever. my eating disorder and substance abuse issues hate the dark and the cold too.