Friday, November 21, 2008

In my town

Just a little experiment I want you to be a part of......

I am curious what things cost in other obscure and not so obscure places in the world......

In my town:(Canadian dollar)

Gas is 86 cents a litre

Loaf of Brown bread is 3.49

pail of ice cream 5.49

Gym membership 37.00 a mon.

Hotel room 112.00 per night

Loreal hair color 12.00

news paper 1.00

4 ltr. milk 5.60

my electric bill. 80.00 per month

movie ticket 12.00 adult.

Big bag dog food 12.99

case of pepsi 5.49 if on sale 3.99

garbage pick up 18.00 per month

public swimming 5.00 adult

internet 29.95 per month

bottle of tylenol 6.00

I am just curious.....a bit dorky, geeky, and curious..........

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